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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Running on 6 hours of sleep

I stayed up until 12:30 last night watching Grey's Anatomy season finale--I need to discuss.

First, I have to honestly say that acting chops were busted out in the 2- (or was it 3?) hour finale. I absolutely love Christina's turn for the human and George's scene in the hall with Meredith. That one resonated with me the most--his speech about knowing she didn't love him and that he'd rather have one night with her than nothing at all. George reminds me of me--the constant longing for something that was never yours complete with unreciprocated feelings, yet the want to experience someone is so strong that your blinded by reality. (Wow, I need a shot of tehina after that self-analysis).

Now on to Meredith and McDreamy, I have to say I'm a little McBored.

I'd rather watch an episode of Doc the dog--whose death got a cheap tear from my eye.

Denny and Izzie-also got a cheap tear from my eye, although I wonder when they really fell in love? Did I miss it?

Callie-I wonder if she was ever a GLOW girl (Goregeous Lady or Wrestling, anyone (besides Ben and Carla) remember that early 80's mania?)

Anyway, that's my 2 cents.


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