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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Chugging Tehina

If I wrote for The Onion, I would probably elobrate and embelish what happend at around 9:30 last night at Pita Inn.

Me: Tziv, 2 O'clock, Kenny Rogers is taking shots of tehina.

Tziv looks at me like I'm nuts.

Me: I'm serious, that guy over there is drinking a cup of tehina!

Tziv starts laughing.

Me: Hurry! Hurry! He's doing it again. You have got to look! Look now! Look now!

Tziv's face is turing red with laughter. "Susie, I can't look now. It's too obvious."

Me: I can't beleive Kenny Rogers is taking shots of tehina. That's so gross!

Tziv is still laughing as Kenny Rogers and friend get up and leave.

Me: Look at his plate. (There are five clear mini-cups stacked up on his plate.)

Tziv: Holy shit!

Maybe you just had to be there.


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