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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Thoughts From An Exhausted Mind

I love Sunday nights. They are quiet, reflective, meditative-especially a rainy night like tonight. I'm thankful for silence especially after a week of FF&M. Family, food and matza. Throw too many Baum's in one room and it begins to get ugly. I think I actually wrote "the get ugly" part after hearing it on a re-cap of Desperate Housewives which is blaring in the background. It's not as good as last year. Commercial. Speaking of TV, I still have to watch this week's Amazing Race. I'm obsessed. Only my best friend watches it and she doesn't get as worked-up about it as I do. I watched Gilmore Girls this afternoon. How can Rory love that jerk Logan and not hot lil' Jess? I'm sorry to say, but that show has really run it's course. I'm also terribly missing Felicity lately. There are moments when I suppose I get sentimental and think to myself, "I feel like watching Felicity."

Anyway, Sunday nights are great for getting in bed early, surrounding oneself with the NY Times and the Chicago Trib reading with ABC on in the background. I think I need to crawl back in bed, back to ABC and my papers.


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