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Friday, April 07, 2006



I woke at four this morning thinking I had indigestion. I took some Tums but five minutes later I was kneeling in front of the toilet trying to not to view last nights Thai dinner I had with Paige. I guess she was smart to stick to a vegetarian curry dish. The morning couldn't have been more disastrous. At 7 am I realized I was out of toilet paper and started crying. I made myself throw on some clothes and go to Jewel. You would think at that time of the morning I could make a quick trip picking up TP, Canada Dry, and saltines. But I got stuck behind double transaction coupon lady. As my nausea increased I dreamt of running her skinny ass over with my shopping cart I was using for support. I made it home safe with out a public display of puke. And since the stomach cramps and nausea continued I decided to call into work. It couldn't have happened on a worse day because the 105 forefather of the institution I work for died the other day and his memorial was being held today in the auditorium. My boss freaks out at these kind of events where self-important peeps with deep pockets show up. The funeral kit had been prepared for years. I picked up the flowers yesterday. Our publicist got word to all press. The catering was ordered. The memorial books at the printer. I'm sure she would have just given me the job of lint picker-upper if she could have today. But instead I got workaholic attitude. All that she asked is if I would periodically pick up messages through out the day.

A half hour later I tried. I couldn't remember how to get in the system so I called her again, and got cut off when I tried to apologize for not being there "things are crazy I don't even time to hear you apologize again. We'll talk Monday." I tried checking my messages again but blanked on my voicemail password. For the past year and some months I have checked voicemail several times a day. And several times a day I knew the password and now it was erased from my memory. I called the receptionist to search my office for it to see if I had it written down in a folder I logically call, "Handy Info to Know." But it was no where. I tearfully called my dad and asked him to do hypnosis on me to help me remember. It didn't work, but it helped me relax.

Why do all have like 300 passwords anyway? For personal things I use the same 3 passwords. For work I only have 2-to unlock my computer, and for voicemail.
In American we need passwords for passwords. If "Big Brother" is supposedly watching our every move, do we need passwords? Identities are still stolden on a daily basis, the passwords obviously aren't controlling that. Are passwords really protecting us or causing us to go crazy that we need to seek mental help and medication. That's two more points for healthcare system. It is a vicious circle.

It finally occured to me at around noon when I was finally in a relaxed state. Now if there was only a password to cure stomach cramps and nausea.


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