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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Notes on Procrastination

The words vision, empowerment, motivation, organizational change, leader, follower, subordinate, among hundreads of others have been numerously typed today. I waited 8 weeks to start my 30 page paper due in 6 days. I've been pulling some research at the library or from journals online for weeks now, but only now am outlining and piecing it all together. I've actually (despite the blog title), have rocked it today. I've cranked out beautiful sentences and at end of paragraphs in red font written notes on what else needs to be included in order to create meaningful segues. Could it be that in strange way I'm actually having fun writing a paper?

I'm also starting to think that the older I get, the easier school work is. Sounds strange because grad school work is suppose to be hard, it's not as much hard as it is time consuming. Mentally of course, school is harder--which I somewhat attribute to also working full-time among many other of life's little reasons.

Side note: I have Tyra Banks' talk show on the background and there are women on who are only attracted to gay men. One just declared, "I love gay men so much I wish I was a gay man." Now there is a woman talking about being in a relationship with 2 gay men--Tyra asked her if she slept in the middle, she replied, "no, on the end." Surprise, surprise. I love gay men as much as the next straight girl, but I don't want to have sex with them knowing they're not going to dig it. To each thier own.

Okay, back to school work. Thank you Judaism, for having holidays I don't celebrate, but still get the benefit of 2 days off of work. I don't know what I would have done without today and tomorrow off...Procrastinate until the weekend I suppose. I must admit, 6 days advance, I'm pretty proud of myself.

Side note 2: Funny that the word "blog" is not in blogger's spell check dictionary thing.


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