The Underdog Triumphs

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I wrote this truly fantastic, poignant, funny and contemplative post yesterday afternoon at work. But due to spell check, pop-up blocker and a slip of a finger, it was gone. Lesson learned; I will never again blog at work.

Karma works it magic once again.

The fantastic lost post contemplated my prior week of mis-communication where either I said too much, too little, or nothing at all. Hence losing my voice on Saturday afternoon and be it Tuesday night still sounding like a throaty sex operator cum Peter Brady.

Now I'm just feeling like a mime who is desperate to wipe off the white mask, black eyeliner, and red lips and open his mouth in order to tell people to "fcuk off." I really don't want to tell people to fcuk off, but the frustrating is growing. I really just want to say things like "good morning," and "hey wasn't Sandra Oh so cute when she accepted her Golden Globe?"

So, blog lost, frustration growing, mashed potatoes growing cold, I'll part with this: It's hard to find yourself, when you can't even find your voice.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Jack Schitt

Jack Schitt

A history lesson for the rest of us.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Like a Sister

"It was cute of you to call to check up on me other night." I said

"Yeah, well what are older brothers for?"

"Do you really think of me as a little sister?!?"

I have that stigma. I have always had that "little sister" relationship with guys.

But C'mon, who describes someone they used to have phone sex with as a "little sister!"

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ipod Obsession

Ever since I received the Braun Tassimo TA 1400 Hot Beverage System I have been obsessed with getting the ipod. See, I got the Tassimo as a gift from my overly generous aunt, but I don't need it. I like my coffee maker. It's one of the only things that fits on my barely-there kitchen counter. I have the gift receipt and plan to return it--I know how much she paid because my mom traded hers in for a bitchin' Kitchenaid mixer. It's a good amount. I have also have $50 visa check card, so that just about covers the 4GB Ipod Nano I've been spying. Which is kinda funny because 3-4 years ago I made my friend repeatedly explain to me what an MP3 player is. I just didn't understand how this small contraption held music. I still don't really understand the logistics of it, but who cares-I want to download new music and episodes of This American Life. I want to join my fellow train commuters wearing those white buds that never really stay in my ears.

Here is the problem. Marshall Field's doesn't sell ipods. I'm forced with a hefty gift card amount. I'm not really a typical girl who like shopping for expensive shoes or clothes. I could get a Kenneth Cole purse or something, but against the ipod I don't feel it compares or will be my friend or protector on the train when a creepy guy sits next to me or hops from train car to train car begging for money. The ipod will keep me company. It will be with me on my neighborhood walks and help encourage me at the gym.

I am told I could try to sell the return card on Ebay or a gift card exchange website. (If anyone has ever tried to do that please advise.) It scares me for some reason. Also, if anyone out there is pondering shopping at Marshall Fields before the bastard Macy's arrives I will sell it to you. Just think, time is ticking for you purchase something really nice and still be able to get the big green shopping bag with the famous clock on it. Keep the bag in good shape and I'm sure you can one day sell it on ebay for a few bucks. Chicago history is at stake! This is the best guilt I can up with people. I'm begging now, someone please buy my Marshall Fields return card from me so I can buy an ipod!

I'll be your best friend...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Resolution Schmolution

Fizz asked me at the bar on New Year's Eve if I had made any resolutions. I initially said I hadn't and mumbled something about not liking to make goals because then I have to work to fulfill them. I realized there was something really wrong with that statement. So I continued to ramble almost non-stop for what seemed like 5 minutes about things I want to work and improve upon this year.

Mainly, I want to be genuinely happy for more than like a day at a time. I'm increasingly getting better at that. I also need to date more, and (gasp!) set a goal that I want to average a date a month. I really need to stop beating myself up about things and learn to balance stress. I'm really mindful that my week off of work and school was really stress-free and I'm trying to carry that feeling with me. I even made a list in my journal about things I can do to de-stress. Of course there is the usual go to the gym more, cut down on sugar, take 10-minute walks at lunch...there is so much I could probably come up with that I want to improve upon--but I've decided to not to stress myself about it and just learn to accept things--me--as they--I--are. All in all, 2005 was not bad--and I have a feeling 2006 will be even better.