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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Good Bagel

My dad said my grandfather used to say, "Keep your eye upon the bagel, and not upon the hole." So even though today had it's tough moments, I'm keeping my eye upon the bagel by sharing some good things that happend today.

1. After noticing that absolutely no one, anywhere, smiled yesterday I decided to make the Design Department happy by leaving them a note saying "have a smile on me" with a freshly baked banana bread. I also went a tad out of my way to pick up a special vegan treat for Tony. It made me decide I want to do something nice for someone everyday.

2. I liked that my dad called me at work to tell me how horrible the weather is and I shouldn't drive home. He was relieved when I told him I took the train.

3. Kittymoon said I could help her make a BUNDT cake tomorrow night. (I have a mysterious obsession with bundt pans, therefore I am super excited).

4. Finished another great autobiography today. Will blog about my latest reads and (why I wish I was friends with the authors) soon.

4 As I walked home from the train I realized I made a good investment in the boots I bought Sunday afternoon.

5. I gave myself permission to take the night off and forget about cleaning, school work, dishes, etc. and just watch bad TV like the O.C., and good TV like Everwood (which strangely me have a short, cathartic cry).

6. Mom calling all of her children to make sure "all her ducks were in a row," and at safely at home.

7. Climbing into bed to do some more vegging under the down comforter.

Lilah Tov (Good night)


Blogger Kitty Moon said...

I was getting stressed today about the party and all the stuff I still had to do and then I read your blog and I remembered that not only do I get to see you tonight (and we get to bake!) I get to have all my friends in my home to celebrate tomorrow. Thanks for encouraging me to see the bagel and not the hole Underdog.

10:52 AM  

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