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Friday, December 02, 2005

An Afternoon of Nephews

Wednesday afternoon was spent swooning of the cuteness of my new nephew at his Bris, and kvelling over my other nephew at his Bar Mitzvah practice.

Nephews are a good a thing when you don't yet have children of your own. You can spoil them, play with them, make them laugh, take them to movies they're not suppose to see or teach them about music they're not suppose to hear--and at the end of a day you can give them back.

It's really amazing to watch someone grow up see the person they become. My nephew has a great sense of humor, is incredibly sweet and sensitive, loyal and loving towards other people--almost to a fault. He has become quite a man. Watching him practice the other day brought tears to my eyes. I know how determined he is to do well. How behind on his Hebrew he was, how disconnected to Judaism he felt. And there he was, flawlessly reciting his Torah portion. He is a man.


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