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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Ira Gets Married

When I walked into the office last Monday morning Betsy said she had some bad news for me and brought me the ripped out page from Time Out Chicago. It was an article about the 10th anniversary of my favorite NPR program This American Life. And there it was amongst the list of why host Ira Glass has a had a busy a year--three little words--"He got married."

Ira Glass isn't suppose to get married! Not when he's in negotiations to come to my cultural institution and help open an exhibition about nostalgic Jewish vacation spots and do a live taping of TAL! He's the last single, celebrity, intelligent, funny and Jewish guy on my list!

I love his commentary with Django Reinhert-esqe music playing in the back. His giggle. His storytelling. I love that he started this radio documentary show featuring stories about ordinary people and places. I love the sweetness and feeling of nostalgia I get while listening. Ira Glass's voice is like a big hug or a cup of cocoa--it's warm and fills me up in a way that is hard to explain in words.

Oh well. Can't really mourn what you never had anyway. Good for Ira. I'm a little bitter, but I'm a TAL fan for life.


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