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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sometimes it's Hard to be a Woman

There are many reasons why it sometimes sucks to be a woman. The more well known arguments include giving birth, monthly hormonal upheaval, earning 75 cents to every dollar a penis makes, under-garments and cosmetics are a rip off-- but today it's hard to be a woman while shopping for tires.

I was actually unsure I even needed new tires--last week after the tune up the guy told me my tires were bad and quoted me $89 per tire and $80 labor. I politely passed and said, "Maybe next month." I had a feeling I was being taken. I called my dad to ask the average price of tires and how do you know when you need new tires. He called a discount place 45 minutes away, their quote: $275. So, now at least I had a base price to search for.

I did my own investigating in my neighborhood. I got quotes in the upper 300 dollar range-one asshole even said, "and we highly suggest an alignment, that will run $99.95." I say, "So 4 tires and labor is $375 and and a wheel alignment is a separate $99.95?" "That's right. Not all places you call are going to tell you that you need one after putting on new tires." Me: "And this is including the sale price of the tires?" Asshole: "Yes ma'am."

3 phone calls later, I found the right price. $47 per tire. Free alignment inspection (and no, you don't need an alignment after putting on new tires). $293 total. When I got there, tire guy came outside to look at the tires, he had kind eyes so I asked, "I don't mean to sound stupid, but does it even look like I need new tires?" He smiled and graciously pointed out all the cracks and said it seemed I had all the original tires on the car. Inside he told me that if I want to spend $3 more per tire, for a better tire, they are offering a $50 rebate. Total with rebate: $256.

Sorry, wasn't taken today Asshole. Hope you go out of business soon!


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