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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Martha and Me

The mini-obession started a couple of weeks ago--I was at my sisters on Rosh Hashanah and caught Martha Stewart's new talk show. I had read about it in magazines and newspaper articles--they all said things like "it's the softer side of Martha."

I watched a pregnant Jennifer Garner make baby food with her and in a separate segment Martha showed her new and different ways to use a digital camera and computer to make the perfect baby announcements. And they were perfectly lovely. And I sorta fell in love too.

Last week due to Yom Kippur I had another two days off of work. I tuned into Martha and was taken by her as she showed a previously filmed segment in which some quaint town grows huge pumpkins and then they carve them into little boats, decorate them and race. She made beautiful glittery pumpkin centerpieces and invited a long-time fan--a school principal with a thick southern accent--to cook with her. He gushed just the right amount while telling her about collecting all of her magazines--and how he was the first one at Wal Mart or something at
12:01 am to buy her new collection of DVDs.

Martha has never been better, she smiles and makes witty remarks--she tells stories about jokes she has pulled at dinner parties such as placing plastic bugs in the food.

Today, having 2 more holidays off of work--I did the unthinkable.

I had already been to the gym, had breakfast, showered and dressed, ready to run out to do errands--but it was 10 am--I was going to miss Martha. And she was having on the author of this new book I've been reading about everywhere called Julie and Julia --what was a girl to do? So I put in a tape and set the VCR.

I later went to Crate and Barell to get a wedding gift--the only decent thing left on the registry under $50 was a carving board and platter--the store clerk-a Where's Waldo look alike-went "down to the basement" to retrieve one and I started wondering around the stores convincing myself I needed things like a flora baby bundt pan or a mini-loaf pan to make banana bread--finally Waldo found me in all my "I wanna be like Martha" tizzy and said my package would be at the counter waiting. I had an overly caffeinated freak-out, saying I was ready to check out now before I convinced myself I needed baby bundt pan and confessing that Crate and Barell can really make a single person feel inadequate. Waldo sounded like he heard this "single girl argument"before, saying I could create a registry for my birthday, or for a new apartment. I should--after the $100's I've invested into the blessed day for others. It's payback time I thought for a split second--then I realized it would be plain sad. The optimist in me says, I'll have day of registry at some point.

After I took myself to a chick flick today (In Her Shoes), I went to the Border's down the street to get some decaf and look around. I picked up the Julie and Julia book, the current issues of Martha Stewart Living and Health and and had a seat in the cafe. The first few pages of Julie and Julia sucked me in--I had a gift card in my purse and just knew I had to have it--hardcover and all.

Then I opened the Living magazine, and the page I happen to open to had a picture of a big, delicious looking Chocolate and Ginger Bundt Cake on it. Oh the irony.

I think I've been over Martha'd.

And I need to go back to work.


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