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Saturday, October 01, 2005

I Heart Beck

Last night I crawled into bed at 8 pm and was flipping through the five or so channels I get in semi-clearly with an antenna and found Beck on the PBS concert show Austin City Limits . He started off playing two melancholy songs on acoustic guitar solo in the spotlight. For the third, he put down his guitar, grabbed the microphone in one hand, a harmonica in the other, got the audience to clap and stomp their feet and played a little ditty. It brought back a memory of a Beck concert I went to almost 10 years ago at Metro. He was fresh with the hit Loser which I thought was destined to be a one-hit wonder, but he proved me wrong as he danced across pulling kids up on stage to beat box with him. He was a natural perforer and I actually I developed a school girl crush on his naturally "hipster" look, and after last night--the crush is definitely back.

I have always loved musicians who experiment with sound--after doing a few numbers with the Flaming Lips accompanying him on stage, he was alone in the spotlight again kneeling down in front of a Harmonium crooning one of his darker songs. While some people--including myself, hated Sea Change when it first came out, others loved it. It took me awhile to erase the upbeat Odelay and Mellow Gold sounds out of my head and appreciate what he had done with this new album. Beck constructed a melancholy, vulnerable and beautiful album. He experimented with a new sound and it worked. Very few artists can pull that off successfully and that is why he has had loyal followers for so long.

Another cool thing about Beck is although a lot of his tracks experiment with various instruments and electronica, he still finds a way to perform them in concert similar to how they are on CD. He finally danced his ole' Beck way while Flaming Lips played "Where It's At," in a sad way, the dancing looked forced, and his energy seemed to come only when he stopped dancing but leaned over playing the keyboard. I guess a true musician is happier experimenting than having to play the same tired songs again and again. Tired or not, he did look cute dancing.


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Beck rocks. I wish I had seen that!

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