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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Leona's Wisdom

I look to the Leona's sign to tell me my fortune. A little game I created for myself while driving down Sheridan Road. 3 weeks ago I pondered "What can be untied should not be cut." Last week it said "A book is like a little garden in your pocket." It took starting a couple of books to settle into the one I'm reading now. It was a lonely week--so I looked to a book for warmth and friendship. Once in awhile, after a great book, I miss a character--miss hearing their words, their presence in my thoughts.

I was IMing with a distant someone recently and asked them, "Can this be untied?" After a brief, friendly chat I received a wish of "I hope your life gets better soon--" which is the kind of statement that signals a sort of finality. But I realized that the relationship doesn't necessarily have to be looked at as cut. We're not tied either, but 2 loose ends looking for something different to be connected to.

Last night the sign said, "Business is great! Drivers Wanted!" Maybe its best not to read too much into that--because I'm looking more for a co-pilot.


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Blogger Fizz said...

I do love the way your brain works!

9:29 AM  
Blogger Fizz said...

teehee!! It looks like fizz's bunny is stalking kitty moon's kitty!

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