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Monday, August 29, 2005

Growing Pains

Yesterday I had to work at a Middle Eastern festival representing the cultural institution where I work full-time. There I ran into my best friend from high school/college yesterday. We caught up and talked about what were doing now--each of us trying to sound more together than I'm sure we really are. I kept thinking about the past and the way she use to make me feel--I could feel my heart grow cold, as it does when I'm around people I don't particularly like.

I've been disappointed so many times in my life, that I sadly have little faith in people these days. I've learned that sometimes we just have to say goodbye. But saying goodbye is hard. Especially when we still the love the other person but are forced to let go. Sometimes friendships and other relationships aren't meant to be. We learn from each other, hopefully walk away with a few intangible things and move on. On paper it seems easy, but in reality if was a real, truly connected relationship--deep down, a part of ourselves go missing.

Every time I drive down Sheridan Road, I look forward to seeing what is written on the Leona's sign. Yesterday it said, "don't cut what can be untied." I repeated it a few times in my head, my mind continued to review the statement over and over the rest of the night. What happens if can't be untied? Then you cut it? How many knots are in it? What if you want to untie it, but the other person wants to cut it?

I decided I liked that little proverb because it resurged my hope in that things can work themselves out if both ends decide to work together and untangle the mess before the shears are dug out. There is a strange sense of comfort in that.


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