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Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Germans Love the Gutte

A friend joked today that I may have found my soulmate--his name is Dietmar Eichelberger, he's a German Art Collector who has put his Steve Guttenberg memorabilla on display in a show called Das Gutte: Celebrating the Life of Steve Guttenberg.

Who would of thought an American girl like me, and a German man like Dietmar would have such a unique love in common.

It's refreshing to know that a German is capable of holding a Jew like the Gutte in such high esteem. Now let's all salute our arms the ole German way and chant, DAS GUTTE!

Thanks Fizz for making my afternoon full of big "tee hee's."


Blogger Fizz said...

Glad to spread the love!

I dropped by the Couch Gallery this evening and what a kitschfest I did behold! The Gutte's baby blanket, a note he wrote to Shelley Long, even his grandfather's mailbox! And the big event comes later this month: a Steve Guttenberg movie marathon to celebrate his 47th birthday!

Can't make it to Portland? Well, the exhibit is off to Montreal after the 26th, then six more stops in western and southern Europe before returning home to Herr Eichelberger.

Can't make it to Europe? There's always the video store... about the only other place you'll find the Gutte these days.

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