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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

4 Blogs in 1

I keep emailing myself things I want to blog about--but other stresses have taken course the past few days, and now I think I'm fighting an impending Summer cold, so I'm condensing 4 blogs into 1 and ditching my morning workout.

How I love the Ira Glass, let me count the ways--well except for this one little thing--he's taking This American Life to Showtime...and I'm in the camp of Will His Voice Carry?

Blogs Can Bite, a pondering phrase for all of us much is too much? What topics are taboo? I have had someone ask me not to blog about something...we have a constitutional right...but we also have liability and relationships at stake. Something to ponder.

These are some cool photos by a Chicago photographer Nick Campbell, he's no Diane Arbus, but he captures that raw element of humanity that makes us stare at the photos for a few extra moments.

For those of us who love the reality show America's Next Top Model, this is an interview not to be missed with the Janice Dickinson. She disses Tyra, the contests, fellow models and puts the word fun back in dysfunctional. Gotta kinda love her after reading it.

There, 15 minutes and 4 blogs in 1.


Blogger Cheryl said...

You're so efficient.

TAL on Showtime. I don't know about that.

12:34 PM  

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