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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Life With Father

So it's been brought to my attention that the Octopus quote was strange...Especially coming from my dad. And I can totally see how that would be really strange. But then again, you didn't grow up with him.

You didn't get to experience the way burnt tongue smelled up your living quarters for a week. Or how we were always the last kids to be picked up from anywhere. You didn't get to sit through 2 marriage ceremonies, or at 15 years old have condoms left on the dining room table for you because weeks before his wedding he said, "I don't need them anymore." And you really don't know humiliation until you're at the corner video store trying to rent a movie when the kid behind the counter tells you you have a fine for a very engaging film called "Humongous Hooters." And for some reason in my family, all of our nicknames are "dick." Not in reference to human anatomy, but it's what you call one when they say spill a glass of water or forgets to get an oil change.

So now that I've dysfunctionalized my father even more--let me tell you why the comment wasn't too strange.

If wasn't for him I wouldn't have a sense of humor. Growing up on SNL and old Belushi and Chevy Chase movies raised the funny antennas and taught me how to laugh. I wouldn't know that he sacrificed a lot to send us to camp, private school, and trips to visit our friends. I wouldn't know what a strong work ethic was. I wouldn't know anything about cars. I wouldn't know how to give and expect nothing in return. I wouldn't know that hours of research and talking to people helped form decisions he influenced us to make.

I remember he used to have folders for each of us kids. Each was filled with fliers and newspaper articles about things that we were interested in. When I was suffering through horrible jobs and unemployment, he talked to people, scoured job bulletin boards everywhere he went, and he believed, when I knew better, that I was qualified for jobs I really wasn't. He had confidence in me when I had none.

And that's what a father should be. He should be able to pick you up and bandage your knee when you fall. He should provide strength and help build your character. He should be able to accept you and listen with out judgment. He should constantly ask "how's the car?" And that's all what mine is. Inappropriate humor is just something I've learned to live with--and I just have to roll my eyes and laugh at how lucky I still am.


Blogger Kitty Moon said...

Cheers to Dads.

Especially ones who make funny comments.

PS - I don't think it was inappropriate! Just funny. Only funny.

9:24 PM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Yes, it is what dads should be.

Can I call you "dick" now?

10:11 AM  

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