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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Chopping Veggies with Al Green

I like to cook. Partly because I really love chopping vegetables. For some reason it calms me and I practice fancy techniques I have seen on TV. I blare Al Green and swivel my hips around the kitchen, glass of wine in hand. While balancing the cutting board between the stove and sink in my 3" x 8" kitchen, I imagine my future life where I am making a great feast for a hungry hubby and I get to dance in a kitchen filled with stainless steel and marble counter tops.

Sometimes I cook meals, like I did tonight, that were so good I wish I had someone here to attest to how good my cooking can be. I now understand how the chef's on TV mmm and ahh into the cameras how delicious their own cooking is and now I feel it necessary to cease snickering at them.

I made a tofu and vegetables stir-fry with brown rice. I varied the recipe slightly--instead of vegetable oil I used toasted sesame oil, and used a Korean zucchini "the sweetest variety," and a sweet pepper. It is the same shape as a red or green pepper but is white and actually very sweet for a pepper. (Farmer's Markets rock!)I have never made my own stir-fry marinade before, and now I will never buy one in a bottle again. This is the perfect sweet and tangy sauce.

Just like a book, CD or movie, I believe that when you find a good recipe it must be shared.

SIDE OF SUGGESTIONS for the best food related films:

1) Mostly Martha
2) Big Night
3) Like Water for Chocolate


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Fell free to invite me up to share meals!

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